Welcome to our community of giving!

At Bulging Gift Baskets Vancouver our community is your community. We support small businesses, get involved in our neighbourhoods, and spread kindness and appreciation to those close to us. Giving thanks and showing we care is what we do best. We have assembled an amazing group of farmers, chefs, independent shop owners, and artisans who bring their dedication and quality to us locally through the Bulging Gift Baskets Vancouver line of giftware.

When ordering with us, you are supporting Canadian enterprise and helping create a sustainable local economy.


Bulging Gift Baskets Vancouver was created when a friend complained to us that it’s difficult to find nice gifts as a thank you. We stepped up and offered to assemble the baskets for them. Our friend brought us bags of snack foods, stationery, and gifts that we loaded into wicker baskets and wrapped in cellophane and, voilà – our first set of products were sent out into the city. The baskets looked great, but brimming with items they were far too pretty, didn’t like to be handled much, and couldn’t be easily shipped. We thought – we have to get all of this into boxes! We recruited an amazing visual designer and asked her to design packaging boxes and all of the print items for our business. Now began the quest to find local suppliers who make the best of the best quality products.

From sweet to savoury and gourmet to gluten free, we had you in mind and thus we share our love for giving and enjoying what our local artisans have to offer.

-Ari & Jonathan

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Meet Ari Ron, the co-creator and  operator of Bulging Gift Baskets Vancouver.

Born and raised in Vancouver, Ari has an absolute love and appreciation for the unique culture and world renowned culinary presence his city has to offer.

Obtaining a degree in Culinary Arts, as well a degree in Baking and Pastry Arts from the Culinary Institute of America, Napa Valley, Ari is no stranger to fine foods and confectioneries.

He is also no stranger to the media, as a joke he placed for sale, a $4.5 million gingerbread home on Craigslist, and it went viral overnight with articles stretching to China and beyond. -He still gets calls to see if it’s for sale!

One day a conversation ensued between Ari and his neighbour, Ari was asked if he could make some gift baskets for a reasonable price and Ari having absolutely no experience whatsoever, of course said yes. Thus the beginning of “Bulging Baskets Vancouver”.

Researching products online he found that Vancouver, and the lower mainland has absolutely amazing, local, ready to eat, excellent quality products that unfortunately you don’t see in very many large retail stores.

This frustration lead Ari to use only the best of the best products, locally made, created right here for all of you to enjoy and we are sure you will fall in love with what Bulging Baskets Vancouver has to offer.


Introducing Jonathan Murrell, the other half of Bulging Gift Baskets Vancouver and your personal shopper. He draws from his years managing school-age childcare centers as well as a very large national craft store, to run the day-to-day aspects of the company. His education and experience is strongly anchored in childcare and community development from working with Neighbourhood Houses in East Vancouver and the North Shore.

“I remember the yearly fundraiser we held where every department contributed a themed gift basket to be raffled; They needed up as big, wicker baskets that were wrapped in cellophane and put on display. The teams got really creative with containers and displaying oddly shaped items, every one was unique. At times they were a pain to put together but they were a necessary part of the fundraiser so I got very good at making them – I see now why nearly every fundraiser out there has a gift basket raffle.”

Making a parallel leap into the retail sector Jonathan took on the role of Customer Experience Manager for a big box store selling arts and crafts supplies. Day by day he helped people tackle DIY projects, hobbies, and exciting school assignments. This was where he got to problem solve with customers assembling their gifts. On any day people came to him for help with Wedding favors, housewarming gifts, and baby shower presents.

“People would run between stores to make the final result perfect – and with coordinated colours! If I didn’t have an item available at my location I was able to source it at another location or even a competitors store – these people had a vision and it was important for me to see it become reality. I learned pretty quickly what the local school colours were and what colours were on-trend for wedding season each year.”

He saw the potential in offering quality gifts in the Metro Vancouver; It started as an inside joke at the craft store but for Jonathan he already knew where to source great products and packaging. For Jonathan the joke around the break room table became a reality when his partner Ari came around with leads to customers in the business world. In January 2017 he started working full time with Bulging Gift Baskets Vancouver and has never looked back.

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