FAQ's - Enquiring minds want to know!

This is a living document and will change over-time. If you have specific questions Contact Us so we can assist you.


Q. The photo of the gift doesn't match up exactly to the contents listed in the product description, what's up with that? 

A. We keep product descriptions, as well as The Fresh Sheet updated regularly with all of the product updates we make.  We are purposeful about substitutions and upgrades to our product line and are proud to share them with you. It's a ton of work doing product shoots so we limit these to a few times in the year and instead update the written descriptions. 


Q. Why did the gift I order/received not look like the picture on a social media post or advertisement?

A.  The photos in our reviews, social posts and advertisements are often customized or based on customer requests, often with additional costs and additional items. The photos on the website are more accurate of the items in the gift basket as well as the price for that item. If you would like to customize your baskets, we encourage you to do so with the options available, or reach out to us for further customization options. Additional fees applicable.


Q. How long does fulfillment and delivery take? 
A. We assemble and customize orders by hand within 1-2 business days of your order. Once your gift is prepared we package it carefully for delivery and send you tracking details so you can follow your gift on it's journey to the recipient. Once the item has left our facility, we are not able to guarantee exact delivery dates due to Canada Post and courier shipping policies.
Shipping timelines and fees per product line: 
  • Flat rate shipping to British Columbia and Alberta - We offer low, flat rate shipping for our Core Selection of gift boxes anywhere within BC.  This is sent out by private courier in the Lower Mainland and Express Post by Canada Post. 
  • Gift Baskets - When selected our gift-ware can be delivered in a container holding all of your gift items, surrounded by a cellophane bag with decorative ribbon. These are mailed by Canada Post OR (depending on contents) couriered privately within Metro Vancouver and arrive next business day. 
  • Gifts containing alcohol. - These gifts are delivered by private courier within the province of British Columbia ONLY.  Delivery drivers will perform an identification check (age 19+) and record a signature for the delivery. Due to the use of a private courier there is a $15.00 charge. 



Q. How do I customize my gift and send personal sentiments to the recipient? 

A. You have some choices when customizing the look of a gift. A personalized message (free) which we will print on the enclosure sheet can be customized in your checkout process with your own words. You can also add a custom-created ribbon to your gift. Gift boxes have the ribbon wrapped around the box; Gift baskets will have the custom message printed and wrap around the container.

Some customization options for your ribbon:

  •  We emboss the ribbon with metallic foil. You have a choice of silver or gold lettering.
  • You can choose from an array of colours for your ribbon: Black, White, Forrest Green, Royal Blue. Red, Baby Blue, Pink
  • Custom colour choices (of foil and ribbon) are available for larger orders - contact us!
  • Additionally you can upload a simple icon or logo to be printed


Q. How do I customize and send multiple gifts to the same address?

A. This is a typical order, whether you have one gift or many; Customize your gift, add it to your cart, and move on to the next gift. In the Checkout you will review all the gifts and confirm your shipping address.  


Q. How do I customize multiple gifts headed to different addresses in one order? 

A. It's quite easy! We have a feature where you can ship to multiple addresses; Here's how: 

1. Shop as you normally would on the website. Personalize gifts one-at-a-time, add them to your cart. This will keep the enclosure message and ribbon message with colours tied to individual gifts. 
2. On the cart page check the box "Ship to Multiple Addresses" 
3. Each gift appears on a line and you can set an address for each delivery. 
4. Complete your order in the checkout by processing payment. 
5. You will receive an email notification for the full order, then (plot twist!) a cancellation email for the order (this is normal!). Our system will then create an order for each of the addresses - this is so you can track the delivery of each gift along it's journey.  

If you are personalizing more than 5 items and you have the time (about 3-5 days) we recommend you e-mail or call and we can work together and invoice you for your order - this will save you time and we invoice directly for shipping. Some people prefer this approach and we're happy to oblige. 


Q. Do you substitute items in the baskets for any reason?

A. We occasionally need to substitute an item in the basket but the substitution will always be in the same theme as the basket (such as vegan, dairy-free, spa, etc.) We try not to change up the baskets, but there are some occasions where it is out of our control such as supply issues. This is covered in the terms and conditions section agreed to at checkout.


Q. My order is showing as delayed when I track it, what can I do?

A. Some delays are caused by unavoidable issues like weather or occasionally someone wasn't home to receive the delivery. If your package is delayed by Canada Post or another courier, we don't have any direct options to solve a delay, however, you may want to reach out to them directly to see if they can provide more details. We are happy to help look for missing deliveries if tracking shows the package has not moved in some time, although this is a rare occurrence. Once packages leave our facility, we are not responsible for a guaranteed delivery dates due to Canada Post and courier policies, especially during the current logistics climate.


Q. My recipient has food allergies/sensitivities. How do I choose a gift basket for them?

A. We can accommodate a lot of customization options to make sure your recipient receives a basket that they will love. Gluten-free, Dairy-Free, Vegan and Keto options are available. There are collections for some of these but feel free to reach out to us directly for more options if you can't find what you are looking for.


Q. Can I include wine or spirits in my basket?

A. We do have some options on the website you can add easily to your basket before checking out. These are selections we've vetted and are happy to offer. If you are looking for something else, please reach out to us to discuss more options that may not be available on the website.


Q. I can't find what I want on your website, what options do you have for me?

A. Although we have an amazing variety of gift baskets available, we do understand that some people may be looking for alternative options. If you'd like to reach out to us with your customization inquiries, we'd be happy to assist. Otherwise, there are other local gift basket companies that have different options that might better suit your requirements.


Q. If I just want to order alcohol, can I do that on your website?

A. Alcohol is only available on our website as an add-on to a gift basket. We are not able to sell and deliver alcohol on its own. There are other local establishments that just sell alcohol, however, who would be able to assist with this request.


Q. My gift basket arrived damage, what do I do?

A. This is unfortunate for sure! We do our best to safely package every gift basket for travel but we understand that anything can happen in transit. Please reach out to us with photos of the damage (we need these to claim insurance). We will be happy to assist you further with rectifying this situation.


Q. I want the gift to be dropped at the recipient's home whether they are home or not. Can I set that up?

A. We prefer not to safe drop our packages due to the high risk of theft. If this is a requirement of delivery for you for any reason, please know that we do not assume the risk in the case of theft. Our insurance does not typically cover unattended deliveries due to this risk, so we do not offer this normally. Please reach out to us and let us know if this is a requirement of your delivery and confirm your understanding of our policy on this in the case of theft of your delivery.

Q. I never received a thank you from the recipient. Can you confirm it was actually delivered?

A. Your order page has the delivery details available for tracking your package. If you haven't heard from the recipient but your order says it was delivered, this might be a great opportunity to reach out to them directly and check that they received it. If there is an issue with the delivery or tracking information, please reach out to us to help solve the problem.


Q. In the notes I left a time of day and date for delivery but it wasn't delivered according to these notes. Why?

A. During the checkout process there is a calendar option to choose the date for delivery. If there are more specific instructions, please email us directly to ensure we have all the details we need to meet your expectations. In the case of shipping via courier or Canada Post, we cannot guarantee time of day deliveries as we have no control over the package once it leaves our facility unfortunately. We do our best to deliver as per your requests but the notes section isn't the best way to communicate requirements to us unfortunately. These do not always print off properly on order forms; email is a better option, if possible.


Q. Do you have the proper licensing and insurance in place?

A. We do have all the necessary licenses and documents to be able to run the business. We also follow all the guidelines and regulations to ensure a safe, effective and fun work environment and experience for our customers.


Q. How do we do custom corporate orders?

A. Find out more about our custom corporate policy by clicking here.


If you have any questions or concerns not covered by the above, please reach out to us and we'd be happy to try and assist with any issues.

Thank you - Jonathan & Ari