Vegan Spice of Life

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  • Vegan Spice of Life Gift Basket featuring bar favourites like Walters Caesar Mix, Fume-eh olives and more.

Vegan Spice of Life

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Enjoy some of our wonderful hand-selected, locally Made in BC and Nationwide Vegan products. Remember to include your very own personal message at check out.

In this Vancouver Gift Box / Basket who doesn’t love the Spice of Life, especially when it comes to locally created flavors such as Jenny Marie's - Thyme and Sea salt  Crackers, Eve’s - Savory Chili Pepper & Pumpkin Seed Crunch, the generous size of Walters Artisanal Caesar Mix complemented by, Walters Artisanal Caesar Rim. Smoked Olives and Tapenade from Fume-eh and then the sweetness of Sweetsmith Candy Co - Peanut Brittle.
Life is but a spice? 

Vegan Spice of Life Includes the following: 

Handmade Thyme & Sea Salt Crackers
Jenny Marie’s Cracker Company
Chili Pepper Pumpkin Seed Crackers
Eve's Crackers
Vegan Craft Caesar Mix
Vegan Caesar Rim
Assorted Hand-Roasted Nut Mix 
Ayoub’s Dried Fruits & Nuts
BBQ Potato Chips 
HardBite Handcrafted-Style Chips
Gourmet Mix Smoked Olives
Smoked Olive Tapenade
Organic Butter Chicken Mix 
From the Earth 
Organic Kheer Rice Pudding Mix 
From the Earth 
Maple Peanut Brittle
Sweetsmith Candy Co.
A Package of Cocktail / Picnic Napkins 
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