Santa's Bounty of Treats

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  • Santa's Bounty of Treats

Santa's Bounty of Treats

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This gift can be shipped after November 15, 2021.

A sweet & savoury holiday favourite: Enjoy some of our outstanding hand-selected locally Made in BC products.

This Vancouver-based Gift Box / Basket is available with all of our locally created gift-giving enhancements exclusively at checkout. Remember your personal message to the recipient of this generous gift. 

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Santa’s Bounty of Treats includes:

Gingerbread Biscotti
 Melinda's Biscotti 
Cranberry Almond Biscotti
Melinda's Biscotti 
'I Am Relaxed' Herbal Sleepy Time Tea
 Hornby Island Tea
Loose Leaf Tea Strainer
Cha' Tea
Float - Dead Sea Salt Soak
 Kismet Essentials
Hand-Poured Cucumber Mint Candle
Rainwater Soap & Candle
The Vanilla Effect Bath Bliss
 Barefoot Venus 
Assorted Truffini Truffles
 Brockmann's Chocolates
Decorative Seasonal Keepsake Ornament

Personal message to the recipient
; Available in a Gift Box or Gift Basket.
Happy Holidays from us at BGBV