An Office Treat

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An Office Treat

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Enjoy some of our wonderful hand-selected, locally Made in BC and Nationwide products. Remember to include your very own personal message at check out.

Everyone is Employee of the month with this carefully designed Vancouver Gift Basket of goodies. An assortment of Melinda’s Biscotti which are just amazing since you asked, Barkleys mints for those office close encounters, Thomas Haas Bars, Honey Almond Nougat and of course Hand Repair Lotion for that dry office air, with so many other sharable treats. Enjoy!

An Office Treat includes the following below: 

An Assorted Share box of Six Individually Wrapped Biscotti
Melinda's Biscotti 

37% Butterscotch Bar
 Thomas Haas 

73% Caramel Crisp Bar 
Thomas Haas Chocolates

Milk Chocolate Salted Caramels

Maple Peanut Brittle
Sweetsmith Candy Co.
Honey Almond Nougat
Golden Bonbon

Tropical Kiwi Chips 

Chocolate Dipped Pretzels  
Charlies Chocoaltes 

Ice Mints
Barkleys Mints
Chocolate Shortbread 
Fox & Forage 

Hand Repair Lotion
Created by the Lovely Ladies of Barefoot Venus 
Assorted Truffini Truffles 
Brockmans Chocolates

Your Personal Message to Recipient

Available in Box or Basket

Thank you from us at BGBV

The gift basket may vary other than what is illustrated in the photo depending on any enhancement items you add to your order.