What’s the quickest turnaround for a gift?

We can assemble a gift and pass it to our deliver partner within 24 hours. Alternatively a gift would be ready for pick-up (when available – appointment required) at our location in Coquitlam BC.

What’s your delivery area?

For most gifts we deliver Canada-Wide and into the USA. Gifts that contain Alcohol can be delivered in Metro Vancouver (West Vancouver to Harrison Hot Springs). Gifts without Alcohol will have applicable shipping options displayed at checkout.

Free Shipping – What are the limitations?

We offer free shipping to addresses in British Columbia that do NOT contain alcohol. Whetehr they are a gift box or basket we will ship by our delivery partners, (Generally Canada Post for outside of Metro-Vancouver). PO Boxes will always be shipped by Canada Post Expedited Parcel Service

Why doesn’t the photo of the gift match the contents listed in the product description?

We keep product descriptions updated regularly with all of the product updates we make.  We are purposeful about substitutions and upgrades to our product line and are proud to share them with you. It's a ton of work doing product shoots so we limit these to a few times in the year and instead keep product descriptions current.

How do I customize my gift and send personal sentiments to the recipient?

You have two choices, a personalized message (free) which we will print on the enclosure sheet. Also you can add a custom-created ribbon to add to your gift. Gift boxes have the ribbon wrapped around the box, Gift baskets will have the custom message printed and wrap around the container.

Some customization options for your ribbon:

We emboss the ribbon with metallic foil. You have a choice of silver or gold lettering.

You can choose from an array of colours for your ribbon: Black, White, Forrest Green, Royal Blue. Red, Baby Blue, Pink

Custom colour choices (of foil and ribbon) are available for larger orders - contact us!

Additionally you can upload a simple icon or logo to be printed

How do I customize and send multiple gifts the same address?

This is a typical order, whether you have one gift or many; Customize your gift, add it to your cart, and move on to the next gift. In the Checkout you will review all the gifts and confirm your shipping address.  

How do I customize Multiple gifts headed to the different addresses in one order?

It's quite easy! We have a feature where you can ship to multiple addresses; Here's how: 

Shop as your normally would on the website. personalize gifts one-at-a-time, add them to your cart. This will keep the enclosure message and customizations linked to the gift
2. On the cart page check the box "Ship to Multiple Addresses" 
3. Each gift appears on a line and you can set an address for each delivery. 
4. Complete your order in the checkout by processing payment. 
5. You will receive an email notification for the order and a shipping notification for each of the addresses.

If you are personalizing more than 5 items and you have the time (about 3-5 days) we recommend you e-mail or call and we can work together and invoice you for your order - this will save you time and we invoice directly for shipping. Some people prefer this approach and we're happy to oblige. 

What shipping carriers do you use?

Locally: BGBV delivery staff, Two private courier companies, Canada Post

Regionally: Canada Post, Purolator Courier

Internationally: UPS. 

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is free in BC for most orders and is flat-rate for orders across Canada. 

What time do I need to place my order by for next day delivery?

by 6PM 

Can I pick up my gift basket order?

-Yes, by appointment you can pick up your order in Coquitlam BC you can send a courier or pick up yourself, any delivery fees will be refunded.

Do you ship to the USA?

Yes by UPS 3-Day delivery. No alcohol can be sent across the border. 

Do you provide rush services if I need my gift today?

Generally No. You can call 604-363-6691 to see if 
*Note: same-day rush delivery service not available November-December.

What does free shipping mean?

Free local delivery is a courtesy to our customers as a thank you for supporting our local economy. Within British Columbia our gifts are delivered at no additional cost by a postal service or courier. Some exclusions do apply such as alcohol. This does not mean we hand-deliver each gift ourselves as that is unrealistic and we would be personally delivering 24 hours a day to all of our happy recipients. Although you may receive a courier charge if you request a courier to deliver possibly same day or early the next as this is your choice.

I heard that other companies handle deliver everything without the use of Post or Courier.

It is rare that any company will do a hand delivery but if they do, they’re charging you an outrageous amount of money to do so which is something we are in no way wanting to start using as a business practice.

We are here to reward you with free local shipping not create a financial burden towards your generous gift giving.

Why did my delivery not come to my door and go to a community post office or courier depot?

Here is everything so far we have encountered at BGBV:

Although the best result is to have something delivered directly into the hands of the recipient, there are times when an individual may not be home, moved, a business is closed for the day, the recipients refused the package for numerous reasons, a possible issue with billing, a postal/courier strike, the UPS truck while driving through rural British Columbia caught on fire during Christmas, most likely a phone number for the sender/recipients was not filled out properly or unavailable for a delivery person to use in order to make an accurate delivery.

My package is delayed.

First of all our apologies, we’re just as excited to have your package arrive as you are. Our Post as well Courier‘s have expressed to us as well on their websites they are experiencing much higher volumes of deliveries due to an increase of online shopping. With this being said, Please order sooner than later if the delivery is time sensitive.

Is there delivery on weekends?

As per Postal Service and Couriers,

they do not deliver on weekends so we are unable to deliver a package on a Saturday or Sunday, this is why Saturday and Sunday are not available during checkout on our calendar app.

If your gift being sent is for a time sensitive date, please give yourself enough time during ordering to ensure delivery times as we cannot guarantee specific delivery dates although we really try hard with the delivery.

You may request to courier for a time sensitive date and there will be an according charge which must be paid before the courier is dispatched.

Please note there are no deliveries on Christmas day as well unfortunately Mother’s Day every year is on a Sunday which is great for Mom or that amazing gal in your life, but not so great for deliveries and her gift will arrive before the Mothers Day Sunday but not on the day.

I would like a refund as my package is unable to be delivered, refused, or damaged.

It’s rarely requested for a refund, but it can happen.

If the package was refused at delivery , unable to be delivered, or damaged...

we are kind people and understand that there can be issues here and there, after receiving the refused, undelivered, or damaged package back, unopened, and undamaged, we will issue a full refund to the purchaser or with our discrepancy resend the package if need be.

Do you offer multiple shipping?

Absolutely, and thank you for asking as this is a great question.

The person I sent a gift to didn’t like it.

This has never happened as we offer high-quality, locally produced edible products which is all well-known and often officially awarded. If the individual doesn’t like what they’ve been sent due to personal taste and or allergies we cannot except the gift back for a refund as it is opened nor can we take responsibility for personal taste and or allergies.

But I only want to buy Alcohol from your company and have it delivered to an address.

We follow very strict guidelines which are all law abiding, we do not sell alcohol to minors, or sell alcohol just by itself as we do not have a provincial liquor license, although through approval, we are allowed to sell alcohol as per add-ons to our gifts.

Can I place my own items into your gift boxes or perhaps something I made?

This is done on a request basis, depending on what you’d like to add, anything that requires refrigeration the answer is no. Homemade alcohol is also a no. Gift giving should be pleasant and nobody wants to open up a gift box or basket full of expired meat, cheese, or blinding moonshine.

Items like golf balls, woven items, a photo etc. are items we would say are acceptable and a nice touch.

Why can’t I put a nasty message to the recipient of the gift on the enclosure sheet?

We’ve had some spicy messages and some of questionable taste, but we understand when you give a gift you know who you’re sending it to and you have an understanding of each other, with that being said, we do not alter messages but we may ask you to change your wording If it’s deemed inappropriate.

I did a cold call to ask if you have this or that or can my order be delivered within an hour and you’re unable to provide.

We have created this page that you’re reading right now to offer transparency, our deliveries are explained above as well we have created a beautiful website with an amazing selection of items in numerous categories, we ask that you look at our site first to know what we have available for you before you ask what we don’t have, possibly disappointing yourself.

I was eating some of your delicious products and injured myself with product, now I’m suing you.

We’re sorry to hear that this happened, as well we do not make any of our own products so we are not responsible for product as we are a reseller not a manufacturer. We will note your complaint and ask you to forward your injury to the manufacturer of the product.

I’ve noticed that a few items you sell in your gifts are not locally made, why is that?

We really like serving up as much locally made artisan products as we can, many of our vendors produce small batch items and are not big companies, for many reasons they can shut their doors overnight, there could be quality issues we don’t care for, so we will automatically switch up a product that is similar, while sometimes only found on the other side of the country, which is still Canadian made and we’re very proud of this.

As for non-edible items which are often foreign made, this is acceptable as these are products they just do not make here, but we utilize these items as they are a wonderful addition to your gift-giving needs.