Small Businesses in Vancouver that are Open for Business

Small Businesses in Vancouver that are Open for Business


At Bulging Gift Baskets Vancouver, we’ve always been passionate about supporting local artisans and businesses in our special city. We are realizing the importance of this mission now more than ever. We don’t need to tell you how Covid-19 has changed our lives, our town, or our economy. You’ve already experienced it for yourself. No one is untouched by this virus, but we have hope that Vancouver will recover and come back better than ever. 

If you’re in a position to help your local economy right now, we’ve put together this list of our top 5 small businesses in Vancouver who are open (in some form or another), and taking orders. Graduation season is upon us, or maybe you know someone with a summer birthday. Maybe you want to send your coworkers or employees a gift basket to remind them that you're thinking of them. Whatever the occasion, our local economy can use your help!

We believe it is important that we do what we can to support our local businesses. We want to preserve and celebrate the heart and culture of our beautiful community- especially during the hardest of times. 

(We’ve tried to provide you with the most up-to-date information on the open status of these businesses. Please call ahead or check online for the latest information about hours and operations.)

1. Make Vancouver

Make is one of our personal favorites. Whenever we have a custom request for a personalized item, we turn to Make because of their high quality and extensive collection of unique items. We especially love Make’s new Quarantine Collection, which features cheeky sayings encouraging social distancing while reminding us to smile during this challenging time.

*Right now, during the Covid-19 pandemic, when you buy a face mask, Make will donate one to an at-risk child right here in Vancouver.

Make Details:

Shop Online

Retail location closed due to Covid-19

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2. Bulging Gift Baskets Vancouver

It’s no secret that we are open for business! As an online business located right here in Vancouver, we’ve been fortunate to remain open and take your orders. At Bulging Gift Baskets Vancouver, we aim to support local artisans. We carefully curate locally made goods for each line of luxury gift baskets. From sweet and savoury, to vegan and gluten free, we’ve always strived to promote the highest quality products of Vancouver.

When you buy a gift basket from us, you are supporting two local businesses. The suppliers and artisans who make our gift basket components, and of course, our gift basket business. Thank you for allowing us to serve you for over 4 years!

Check out our Vegan gift basket options, or if you’re looking for the best Vancouver has to offer, we recommend the Vancouver Special Gift Basket!

Bulging Gift Baskets Vancouver Details:

Shop Online

Free delivery in Vancouver, BC (exclusions apply)

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3. Granville Island Public Market

Although most non-essential shops remain temporarily closed due to Covid-19, we thought it was important to add the Granville Island Public Market to the list. The market remains open for grocery shopping 7 days a week from 9am-5pm, and has seniors-only-hours from 9am-10am. 

We believe it is important to continue supporting our local markets as much as possible during this time. Granville Island is home to a variety of independently owned artist galleries and shops. Check out the Arts and Culture section of their website, and find a local artisan that you can support while we shelter in place. We want preserve our rich culture of the arts here in Vancouver, after all, that is what makes our community so exceptional.

Granville Island Public Market Details:

Non-essential shops closed

Grocery shopping open 7 days/week 9am - 5pm

*Seniors only from 9am - 10am

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4. Solasta Chocolate

Box of brightly colored hand painted chocolates

Solasta is a wonderfully artful chocolate company that is distributing through major grocery chains, farmers markets and events. You can also shop their amazing collection of confections online!

8 hand decorated gourmet chocolates

Solasta Chocolate Details:

Shop Online

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5. City Luxe Boutique

Ok, so a lot of us have gotten used to wearing sweatpants every day since Covid-19 and shelter in place orders. We don’t know about you, but we’ve definitely been longing for the days when you’d get dressed up for a night on the town with friends. 

If you’re in a position to afford some retail therapy right now, City Luxe Boutique is a locally owned shop that sells dresses and high end fashion for special occasions. Buying something new and beautiful (if only to hang in your closet for a couple of months) is always a fun way to get out of a funk. 

You could always throw a Skype dress up party, and invite your friends for quarantinis at happy hour! The added bonus (besides the amazing clothes) is that you’ll be putting money directly into the hands of a small business and the people they employ in our community.

City Luxe Boutique Details:

Shop Online

Storefront closed

1015 Howe Street, 

Vancouver, BC V6Z 1P6

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