Our Top 5 Gift Baskets For Mother's Day 2022

Our Top 5 Gift Baskets For Mother's Day 2022

Even the best of us have forgotten to get our mother that special something for Mother’s Day. It’s nothing to be ashamed of! But when you’re running a bit late, all the choices can seem overwhelming. How do you decide? Well, here’s a curated list of some of our favourites that we have to offer you this Mother’s Day.


  1. For a Party Loving Mother:
    We’ve got this lady covered with our Mom’s Party Pack gift basket. Everything she might need to throw a spectacular party is wrapped up in here, whether it’s a party of ten or a party of one. A juicy Peach Cider and Dat Juice Citrus Pale Ale to get the party started with roasted nuts and butterscotch that combine for the perfect sweet, tipsy evening. And that next morning, she’ll have some biscotti to wash down her coffee as she reminisces on the perhaps blurry memories of the last night.
  2. For a Bubbly Mother:
    Do you want to be the favourite child? Perhaps the favourite spouse? Then the Cheers to Mom gift basket is your golden ticket there. Rent your mom a movie and send her this basket to enjoy it and you’ll have your trophy in the bag. A gorgeous Moet & Chandon bottle of Brut Imperial champagne and a stemless wine glass fit for impressive pours, along with Brockmann’s Chocolate truffles and three piece flower chocolate bouquet from Charlies Chocolates will make her feel as special as we all know she is.                              
  3. For a Stressed Mother:
    She’s a mother–it’s a given that she’s also stressed. And if she isn’t, she ought to sell a book on how she’s managed that. Most mothers are stressed and most mothers deserve a night off for relaxation, and our Pour Madame gift basket is just the trick for this. With lavish lotions, luscious body creams, and a divine bubble bath, all provided by Barefoot Venus, she’ll be able to pamper herself like the goddess she is. And when she gets out of her bathroom rebirth, you can hand her a cup of freshly brewed herbal sleepy time tea from Hornby Island Tea and some chocolate biscotti and send her off for a long night of well-earned beauty sleep.
  4. For a Cocoa Crazy Mother:
    If she loves chocolate then she’ll be pleasantly surprised by our Cocoa Connoisseur gift basket, jam packed with everything sweet she could ever dream of. An assortment of gourmet chocolates from Charlie's Chocolates, Island Nut Roastery, Chocolatas, and many more local providers! It’s a sugar rush that could make the Easter Bunny jealous.
  5. For a Mother Who’s A Queen (and She Knows It!)
    Every mother is a queen, and most of us would love nothing more than to treat her like the royalty we know she is. Pamper her, spoil her, and make sure she feels like all she’s missing is the crown. With A Royal Gift For Mom, you can make this a reality. Sophisticated tea blends and kitchen accessories to remind her the house is her kingdom and biscotti to serve her while she lounges in her throne, all contained in a tasteful floral tin. Buckingham Palace has nothing on this spread.


Mother’s Day shopping can be intimidating at best and downright terrifying at worst, but we’ve got you covered. These are just a small pick curated from our vast array of mother’s day themed gift baskets. Your mother is the best, so make sure that you give her the best!


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