Our Top 5 Father's Day Gift Basket Ideas

Our Top 5 Father's Day Gift Basket Ideas

The time has come! Last we celebrated mothers, and now it’s time to celebrate the fathers in our lives. Grab the baseball gloves, barbeque tongs, and the beer glasses–we want to have all of dad’s favorites rounded up for him. And what more to add? We’ve got you covered.

Here are our five picks for Father’s Day gift baskets! (or gift ideas for him anytime!)


1.) For the Corporate Dad

An Office Treat Gift Basket - A collection of goodies that he can take with him to the office. Chocolates and candies that will tackle his sweet tooth and win him all the brownie points with his coworkers. Or, if he wants it all to himself? He’s earned it.

2.) For the Morning Dad

The Rise & Shine Gift Basket - There’s no way to say ‘happy father’s day’ quite like getting his day off to the best start. Make him toast with the delicious hazelnut spread or marmalade, a bowl of Terra Bread’s small batch granola, and his morning cup of coffee with Augusto’s Dark Roast espresso beans. Anything dad might need for a breakfast of champions can be found in this basket!


3.) For the Sophisticated Dad

The Connoisseur Gift Basket - Does dad have refined taste buds? Then, this might do the trick! On the sweet side, gourmet shortbread, nougat, biscotti, and butterscotch, among others, can be found wrapped in here. For something more savory, this basket also has Caesar mix, olives, mixed nuts, and rosemary garlic for offer. Whether dad wants to throw a fancy party or enjoy some nice treats with a glass of wine, anything he could want can be found in this basket.

4.) For the Backyard Party Dad

The Backyard Speakeasy Gift Basket - Nothing can help with a backyard barbeque better than the “Back Yard Speakeasy.” He’ll have vodka and cocktail mix to butter up his guests, then Caesar mix, olives, and spicy pickled beans to liven up his meal. Invite all of dad’s friends and hand him this basket to give him everything he needs to host the best Father’s Day get together he could hope for.

5.) For the Easy to Please Dad

A Simple Pleasure Gift Basket - A selection of locally made snacks makes this the best choice for basically any dad. Chips, crackers, cookies, and so much more. Any time dad gets the munchies, he’ll be more than taken care of by the selection offered inside this basket. If nothing else on our list so far seems to fit your dad, we can promise, this one will.


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