How to Choose the Right Gift Basket for any Occasion

How to Choose the Right Gift Basket for any Occasion

There’s a big event coming up; your cousin’s birthday is in a week and you’re starting a new job tomorrow and as you’re ripping your hair out trying to figure out what to give them, your partner calls from the other room that their sister just got engaged and now there’s a third thing you need to figure out. Don’t stress! We can help you get started with just a few easy questions to ask yourself as you brainstorm and make your decision.


  • Who are they?
    And the obvious answer is “oh, they’re my sister/daughter/coworker” but we mean who are they as a person. Are they a vegan? Did they recently move into a new apartment? Have they mentioned wanting to try new beauty products? Do they have a wicked sweet tooth? These type of details can be key when it comes to what type of box you want to seek out. Think of their interests, yes, but also what avenues they’ve been wanting to explore recently. Unlike a singular gift where you can be relatively specific, when it comes to gift baskets you need to consider what theme or type of product they would want a selection of gifts of.


  • What is your budget?
    Okay, so you’ve figured out what type of gift you want to get your lucky recipient(s). Now you need to figure out how much you want to be investing. There are gift baskets that can be as affordable as $60 and some that are as expensive as $400+. Is this a big event like a wedding? Something smaller and more casual like a birthday or farewell party for a coworker? Are you getting more than one?



  • Do you want to personalize the gift?
    This one is a lot less intensive of a question to answer, but still important! Some gift baskets allow it and others don’t. This can be adding a custom t-shirt or mug, or maybe altering the contents slightly for the sake of allergies. But it's important to remember it's a possibility and consider if you’re interested or not!


  • Does supporting local matter?
    Do you want the best to contain local options or unique items the recipient may not have tried? Local baskets may be slightly more expensive but they have a slightly smaller carbon footprint and a larger impact on your local economy, so worth considering if that is important to you.


  • Finally: how do you want it delivered?
    Is this a gift you want to hand-deliver yourself, or do you want it delivered directly to their house or office? Always consider delivery options and if you are close enough to deliver it yourself, will be able to deliver it yourself, and if delivery to your recipient's house is offered and available for their location!



And that’s it! Five easy(ish) questions to help you boil down exactly what type of gift basket you want to give for any occasion! These general questions can be a great way to get yourself started on the right path no matter what you’re celebrating.


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