How to Celebrate Mother's Day During Covid-19

How to Celebrate Mother's Day During Covid-19

This Mother's day may be a bit different if you're sheltering in place. You might not be able to be with mom in person, but not to worry! You can still celebrate and show mom that her love throughout the years has not gone unnoticed. So here at Bulging Gift Baskets Vancouver, we've put together our top 5 ways you can celebrate with mom during Covid-19.

1. Facetime Tea Time

If mom is a tea lover, set up a Face time date where she can enjoy some of our delightful Teas & Treats with our Tea and Treats for Mom Gift Basket! Including gourmet jams, teas, and shortbreads, it is sure to be a memorable Mother's day tea time.

2. Skype a Picnic

Same concept- different basket! Lay out a blanket on the living room floor, and have a Skype picnic with all the kids and grandkids. Mom is sure to love this gourmet assortment of cheeses, nuts, and chocolates!

3. Moscow Mules with Mom

Toast mom for all of her love and support throughout the years with our Moscow Mule and Mom gift basket! She'll love creating her own cocktails with this specialized kit that includes Ginger & Lime Time Moscow Mule Cocktail Kit , and 375ml Handcrafted Local Batch Vodka.

4. Treat Her to Some Wind-Down Time

She's sure to appreciate the chance to relax with Dead sea salt bath soak, scented lotions, a mint candle, and more. Every mom needs me-time, and the Spa Moment to Relax Gift Basket is the perfect opportunity for her to do so!

5. Treat Her to Some Wine Down Time

This gift basket features luxurious sparkling wine and tasty treats, so she can wine down, sit back and snack this mother's day. 

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Each Mother's Day Gift basket includes a Complimentary printed ribbon you can customize AND a Happy Mother’s Day grow pouch with organic & edible kale & Arugula micro greens!



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