Gift Suggestions from the Wine Fairy

Gift Suggestions from the Wine Fairy

A message from the Wine Fairy:

Hi guys, it's the official Wine Fairy here! That's right, it's really me. I've been called the Present Pixie, Wine Ninja, Porch Fairy, and more. I've loved watching how you're all coming together during this time, and while you're all continuing to practice social distancing this summer, I've got some great tips for you on how you can spread this tradition to your friends and neighbors! My hope is that the tradition of the wine fairy continues long after this virus perishes! For those of you who don't know...

What the heck is a wine fairy?

 The wine fairy is a stealth wine (or other non-alcoholic beverage) drop off group that friends and neighbors are participating in. From Vancouver is Awesome: "The Kamloops Rona Wine Fairies launched on May 6 and already has over 2,700 members. You join, post your address and your drink of choice (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) and wait for a special delivery from one of the other members. A wine fairy then hopefully drops off the gift at your door and runs away. Once you've been "wined," you delete your address off the Facebook page (or post a picture of your goodies under your original address post), in order to give others a chance to be "fairied.

 Gift Suggestions from The Wine Fairy

At Bulging Gift Baskets Vancouver, we love that people are finding ways to stay connected while social distancing.

All of our gift baskets can include premium wine or spirit add-ons with special gift messages. If you want to deliver happiness to someone's doorstep who may be struggling, we're here to help! The wine fairy herself has put together these special pairing recommendations just for you!

1. Petit Wonderland Gift Basket with Rose Wine

Inspired by our favorite childhood literature, Petit Wonderland is packed with whimsical treats like the Matcha Tea Bar from Thomas Haas Chocolates, and Figs & Walnut Preserve byThe Preservatory. Add on a bottle of Rose wine and deliver to a porch near you to inspire a bit of whimsy in someone's day.

2. Petit Chocolat with Red Wine

For the cocoa lover in your life, pair this basket with a bottle of red wine for maximum enjoyment! 

3. Petit Gourmet with Whiskey

This Savoury gift basket includes a spicy ginger apple butter, fig & walnut preserve, rosemary infused sea salt, and so much more goodness that will pair beautifully with our bottle of premium whiskey!

4. Serenity Spa with Sparkling Wine

It's been a stressful year. Indulge them in the simple pleasures of scented soaks, refreshing teas, and delicious treats. Pair this gift basket with a bottle of our premium sparkling wine and you'll have good karma for the rest of 2020!

5. Vegan Confectionist with White Wine

Imagine that you open your door to find a gift basket full of chocolate treats, and a bottle of white wine. When would that not make your day?! The Vegan confectionist gift basket is packed with 100% vegan goodness locally made in Canada, so the fairy can visit the vegan in your life too!

We hope you enjoyed this list of gift basket and wine pairings, and we hope that you find an opportunity to make someone's day special this week! Cheers from all of us at BGBV.


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